Welcome to Black2Basic Fitness

Welcome to Black2Basic Fitness

New website…

Happy New Year to everyone! Okay I know we are seven weeks into 2014 but I’ve been working hard getting our new web site online. So here it is. The all-new Black2Basic web site. Please take your time to peruse the site and stay tuned for lots of fitness and nutrition information. Be sure to click on the Facebook tab and “Like” us as another way to keep in touch. I promise you all content posted will be carefully filtered for relevant and proven content that I can personally vouch for and you can benefit from.

Righto… now onto the good stuff!  It’s time to put your fitness goals into practice and join us here at Black2Basic Fitness. Firstly, it is important to understand some of the factors involved in staying motivated and committed to your personal training. Let’s look at some of those factors and how they play out in our Outdoor Fitness classes.

Intrinsic-versus-Extrinsic motivation: Intrinsic motivation in fitness training is your own personal desire to achieve your goals, however there is a catch!  Most of us are human…. and with that comes a natural tendency to seek the path of least resistance and conserve our energy. There is only so much you can push yourself…. how often do you go to a gym and see many of the gym’s visitors ‘resting’…enough said. This is where extrinsic motivation plays a part in our Fitness classes. Extrinsic motivation comes in many forms such as music, races and competitions, or even a friendly instructor knowing what makes you tick. It always feels better to train in a team setting and get the sense of achievement of completing the task as a team.

Goal Setting: Linked closely to motivation is goal setting. Goals must be realistic and achievable; otherwise they become lost dreams in a few weeks time. Fitness goals are no different. Write them down, be specific, realistic and set a time frame to achieve the goal. Join an Outdoor Fitness Group knowing what your goals are. Run five or ten KMs by the end of year, do an adventure challenge, or just simply feel better within yourself. At Black2Basic Fitness, we set team and personal goals and make sure our training caters for everyone so that no one is left behind. We’ll have events scheduled throughout the year to aim towards and “KEEP YOU GOING”!

Be committed and be realistic. To achieve your goals and resolutions YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED. Don’t wait, sign up to Black2Basic Fitness and commit to achieving your goals. You’ll join a great team and make new friends, we’ll ensure that your goals, interests and motivations are understood, and then our commitment is to ensure your training is realistic and tailored for you. We’ll ensure that your training is structured, progressive and tailored so that you achieve your goals without losing motivation. So…. get COMMITTED and join us now