Time to Spring Clean!

Operation Spring Cleaning!

Aahhh! Its that time of the year again.

Today is the first day of spring. After a relatively mild and dry winter we now head into warmer weather, longer days and the sweet smell of various flowering beauties that surround us.

Spring is my favorite season. It starts to get easier to get out of bed at 5 am and the temperatures are perfect for doing the things I love to do outdoors.

It’s also the time of year I go mad spring cleaning and ridding my life of all the junk I have collected over the years.

I started early this year. Not only with my worldly possession’s but also with the clutter in my head. Let me explain!

Since I have been involved in the fitness industry, my time spent on the computer compiling newsletters, programming, studying and reading emails, amounts to quite a few hours per day. Its taken me some time to accept that this is a part of my business I need to do as its helps me provide a better service to my clients.

The downside of sitting on my backside in front of a screen is the effect it has on my physical and mental state. At the end of the day I’d feel fatigued and exhausted without my heart rate rising above 60 bpm. Not a healthy state!

Apart from the tasks listed above, some unnecessary bad habits evolved. Bad habits such as flicking between various web sites to check on the latest up to date news around the world or checking emails as they arrive in my inbox and dear I say it, checking my eBay account. This would not only distract me from my task at hand, it also added unproductive time to my day.

So, last week I made the decision to ring the changes to free up my time to focus on one task at a time.

I went through all my email subscriptions that fill my inbox with mostly sales promotions and I unsubscribed from about 90% of them.

I deleted all but one of the News channels I would regularly peruse.

I have allocated times for necessary work to be done on the computer.

I only check my emails four times per day as opposed to every time I’m notified.

I read the news once in the morning and again in the evening.

After the first day of this action plan I have to say my head was definitely in a better space. Unloading myself of all the unnecessary clutter has freed up at least two hours of my day to put towards more productive duties and most importantly quality time with my family.

These changes will not only have a positive effect mentally but also physically.

Sitting on your backside is not healthy.

Studies have shown that sitting 6 or more hours per day makes you up to 40% more likely to die within 15 years of someone who sits 3 hours less per day. Even if you exercise.

I make sure every half hour or so I get up, stretch and grab a drink of water to break the monotony.

My challenge to you this week is to not only rid yourself of your physical clutter but to also clear your mind of all the unnecessary mental clutter.

Over the winter months you may have consumed more food than required. Look at cutting back and getting your self back on track.

Go through your pantry and fridge and throw out any high sugar, high fat, processed foods and replace them with fresh, clean healthy alternatives.

With the warmer months comes the desire to be more physically active so maybe look at adding an extra day of training to your program.

As always these changes can lead to a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically.