The Season is Changing


The weather is changing so its time to start preparing ourselves for the cooler wetter conditions ahead. Winter for a lot of the population means hibernating, easing off, or ceasing their training until things warm up again.

As you all know, Black2Basic Fitness isn’t just a seasonal sport, it is all about a life long lifestyle, which requires persistence and consistency to maintain gains and further enhance progress.

You only need to think back to when exercise wasn’t a regular part of your life, how you struggled to do the simple things like getting up out of a chair, lugging your shopping back to the car or running ┬áto get out of a downpour of rain. Or when you first started training and there wasn’t enough strength in your legs to push up from the bottom of a squat. How inadequate mobility and stability restricted you from lunging effectively. Holding yourself in a prone plank position for only a few seconds was near impossible. What about all the extra kilos of body fat you carried around that was putting undue stress on your vital organs and joints?

These reasons and more are why its important to remember why we do what we do! Why we make time to get outside and exercise regularly, regardless of weather conditions or how bad our day has been.

Of course we are not all machines and sometimes life throws in a few little challenges or events that don’t allow us to train on a particular day. We do however have options. An option to make up for a missed session by training on another day. You can go for a light jog or a brisk walk the next day and add in some squats or pushups for an extra challenge.

The important point to all this is that we “Stay Active”! Often it feels like an effort to exercise, but it becomes more of an effort if you don’t.

OK, guys its time to face your challenges, set new goals and strive to achieve them. Aspire to be better than you were yesterday.

Yours in Training. GB