The Guinea Pig within Me.

I absolutely love my profession as a fitness instructor and Im always searching for better ways and means of improving ones strength and fitness and quality of life. Im very cautious of the copious amount of so called “Expert Advice” available at our finger tips in this day and age and it would be unprofessional and dangerous if this information is utilised without self testing.
When I come across an exercise, training program or nutritional information, I become a Human Guinea Pig. I will research the facts to asses if it could help improve not only my health but also  the health of others. I will then apply the principals to my training and monitor the outcome. If the results are positive, “Bingo” If not, then they are discarded to the rubbish bin.
Quite often in our lives we can over complicate things which can leave us despondent and stymie future achievements. When it comes to Health and Fitness it is so simple. Exercise regularly with a combination of strength training and cardio vascular training and eat healthy fresh fruit and vegetable and lean animal protein to sustain a safe BMI. (BMI. Body Mass index is used to give you an idea of whether you are  underweight, overweight or an ideal weight for your height. It’s useful to know because if your weight increases or decreases outside of the ideal range, your health risks may increase.)
Recently I have been utilising Kettlebells in my training and I have enrolled in a Kettlebell Instructors Course in November. This isn’t one of the common 6-8 hour courses where you are rushed through a few exercises and given a glossy certificate at the end to qualify you to instruct others.
This is a  professionally conducted world renowned training organisation “Strong First”.
Kettlebells have been used for training by the Russians to make better men and women for over 300 hundred years. The systems and principals are simple yet highly effective. If not correctly taught the consequences, as with any type of training, are dangerous. The Strong First course is conducted over three days and the required physical testing is demanding and the requirements for correct technique imperative.
The creator of Strong First, Pavel Tsatsouline introduced Kettlebells to the USA in 1998 and he is credited with popularising the Kettlebell in the West. With this foundation all students participating in the courses are getting the best possible instruction available.
This equates to better prepared instructors to offer safe, highly effective training to the general population.
I have also recently read the book Fast Diet by Michael Mosley. I became interested in this book after seeing the documentary about Dr Mosley’s studies on Fasting. I won’t go into the details but I would highly recommend watching the Documentary and reading the book The Fast Diet. They both contain well researched data and information primarily to assist with weight loss but it also highlights the benefits it has on resting the digestive system and cell regeneration. This is the point that raised my interest as I have been thinking for sometime about the amount of food we consume and the workload it places on our vital organs.
Personally I haven’t the desire or need to lose weight but I was interested to experience the effects and see if my clients could benefit.
So I became the human guinea pig again. I followed my normal eating habits for 5 days and calorie restricted on 2 days consuming 600 calories per day over 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) I did this for only 2 weeks because the results were very dramatic. I lost several kilos rapidly and my body fat reduced noticeably. As I stated before I didn’t need to lose weight but the results showed that the system is effective. I will continue to calorie restrict one day per week and monitor the results.
Because of my dislike of the word “diet” I have renamed the program. “DR Day” i.e. “Digestive Rest Day”
I have several clients / “Guinea Pigs” achieving great results from the “DR Day” and I will post future results.
So this is two self tested systems that I will include in my endeavour to live a longer and healthier life. “God Willing”