Karen Alcorn: Librarian. 42

I didn’t think losing 10 kgs would be really noticeable, but training with Graeme at Black2Basic Fitness has enabled me to safely and permanently lose 10 kgs. I have more energy and love wearing my favourite jeans again. I couldn’t have done it without Graeme’s support.

Audrey Sully: School Teacher. 62

Black2Basic Fitness group fitness classes have helped me to gain core strength. I am amazed by the improvement in my fitness levels and as a by product I have also lost weight.

Jack Wallace: Student.16

I have attended weekly fitness classes run by Graeme for six months. After giving up playing sport, I soon realised that my fitness levels began to drop. I needed something enjoyable yet challenging, something to encourage growth in my fitness and to maintain what I had achieved. This is exactly what I have found training with Black2Basic Fitness. With such a great group of people striving for similar goals, training is a rewarding experience that all enjoy.I have observed a positive change in my fitness and strength and feel physically better now than I ever have. No matter what your level of fitness or competence in exercising, the variety of classes provide an excellent entry point or a great way to improve current fitness levels. I highly recommend Black2Basic Fitness for anyone keen to improve or maintain his or her fitness.

Andy Lindsay: 42

I have trained with Graeme at Black2Basics group sessions for over 18 months. In this time I have had a vast improvement in my fitness, core strength and flexibility along with the motivation to maintain and improve my level of fitness.

I have found Graeme to be encouraging and motivating in his approach to helping me achieve my fitness goals. Graeme listens to individual clients requests and cleverly incorporates routines/exercises that involves the whole group, though is still specific to individual’s requirements. This makes for a fun and challenging environment for all in the group.

One aspect that I find really encouraging about Graeme is that he ‘practises what he preaches’. Graeme researches and instructs correct technique, and implements challenging and unique methods of training. He also offers good nutritional advice, which he himself adheres to, so as to assist in an overall improved healthier life style.

I would highly recommend (and do) Black2Basics to anyone that would like to improve their fitness levels in an enjoyable and encouraging environment with the professional support offered by Graeme Black.

Felicia Lawerence: Accountant. 25

I started training with Graeme because my fitness was poor and I wasn’t eating well. I needed to be pushed at training and better educated about healthy eating habits. I knew my diet wasn’t good and I always made excuses about why I ate the way I did. Reasons such as, I didn’t have the time to prepare healthy food, it is too expensive and it doesn’t taste as good.

Graeme encouraged me to log my food intake for a week so he could make an assessment and provide suggestions where required. This made me quite nervous so I ate what I thought was better for the week. The feedback I received was a lot different to what I expected. The changes Graeme suggested seemed unrealistic at first, then I realised I was just making excuses again. The next day I started making changes and I was surprised how simple it was.

One of my biggest problems was not eating at regular times throughout the day. I would get busy with work and skip meals and then eat something unhealthy to keep me going. I now eat healthier small portions every 3-4 hours throughout the day. This has increased my energy levels and I don’t have the cravings I used to get.

I have become more focused on finding healthier alternatives for my bad habits and I now consider food for its nutritional value rather than the convenience. My strength and fitness levels have improved and I am very close to my desired weight.

I feel much better about myself knowing I’ve made a lifestyle change for the better of my health & happiness.  Huge thank you to Graeme and Margie from Black2Basic Fitness for their support, encouragement and excellent outdoor group training sessions.


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