Lose 12kg of fat in 12 weeks?

Lose 12 kg of Body Fat in 12 Weeks. Guaranteed!

That got your attention, didn’t it?

This is just one of the many advertisements we start seeing around this time of the year as the weather starts to change and summer draws closer. This particular ad guaranteed with just half an hour a week with them, your friends would notice a difference within a month. If only it was so easy!

More on this later.

This time of the year most of the population has been in hibernation fueling their bodies with comfort foods to build up their fat deposits to keep them warm throughout winter.

The first hint of summer or the thought of exposing their newfound body roll at the beach, send them into a state of panic. They start looking for a quick solution that will transform them into “Australia’s next Top Model”

The fitness industry makes billions of dollars a year from people looking for the magic cure for loosing weight or gaining lean muscle mass in the shortest and easiest way possible. I’m sure you have all seen what used to be late night Infomercials, but now have there own 24 hour channels dedicated to selling the next best thing for weight loss. These ads are run repeatedly and play on your emotions and promise you results with just 20 minutes a day using whatever type of machine or brand of product they are pushing. My guess is most purchases are impulsive and the promised 100% money back guarantee is the sweetener.

Once the magic cure is received with great excitement, it will be used for the recommended time per day and then rolled under the bed until required. This will probably go on for a few weeks yielding very little if not any results at all. Before you know it, it will spend more time under the bed than being used. The user becomes despondent and then moves onto looking for another solution.

What about the money back guarantee? I think the attitude of most people today is they cant bothered going through the hassle of sending something back when they’re not happy with it. They would rather let it sit under the bed until the next roadside rubbish collection.

Another side of the story is the unrealistic quick fix programs that require you to starve your body of vital nutrients and to exercise for extended periods seven days per week. I’m all for some type of activity everyday but it has to be measured and be able to continue throughout your life.

While some results maybe achieved from quick fixes not all are sustainable and can lead to burnout. It can have a negative effect on your family and loved ones because all your focus is on your goals. Another problem is when a goal has been reached, what then? When they see and feel the results complacency can set in and exercise may slow or cease altogether and past bad eating habits creep back in and before they know it they are back to where they started or maybe worse of than before.

Back to the title. Lose 12kgs of Body Fat in 12 weeks.

Is it possible?  Yes. With heavy calorie reduction it is.

Is it recommended? No. It can have negative effect on your physical and mental state. A carefully planned and executed exercise and nutrition plan that will have ongoing health benefits is recommended. It needs to be part of your everyday life and not something we think about before summer or an upcoming event like a wedding or holiday.

I have recently set a goal for a new client of loosing 10-12 kg in 6 months. With her commitment and discipline to training with me 3 days per week and following a healthy nutrition plan this will be achieved. She will not only lose body fat she will also gain valuable lean muscle. Once we have reached the target we will continue to plan for the future. This is where new habits are formed and because it’s over a longer period it won’t be as difficult as a quick fix.

Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and Steady wins the race!