Happy Fathers Day!

Today we celebrated Fathers Day here in Australia.

It’s the time of year when families get together to thank Dads for all the great things they contribute to their lives as opposed to the rest of the year when Dads inflict them with bad things like Dad jokes and bad smells.

We spent the day enjoying each other’s company starting with customary present opening and a wonderful song the girls found online. I encourage you to watch this, its true to form.


We then had a picnic lunch in Cowaramup and finished with a family movie.

Fathers day for me is very special as its one of the few times we have quality family time together. As parents we are consumed with work commitments, house chores and family matters that can distract us from the enjoyable and challenging things children bring to our lives.

As parents we have a lot of responsibilities and with that comes many challenges. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong. What I have found is that persistence definitely pays of.

An example of this is our commitment and persistence for our children to know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I know for a fact that with nutritious healthy eating and regular physical activities they are getting the best possible start to a long and enjoyable life.

Its brings joy to my heart to see my children preparing their lunch in the mornings with an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken or tuna and a small healthy treat made by their Mum.

Healthy eating in our society is often ignored for several reasons.

Its more expensive than junk food, it takes longer to prepare, it doesn’t taste as good and kids just don’t like it. Of course I refute all these points.

Firstly, high sugar, fatty processed foods leave you craving for more. You get a quick fix and then an hour or so later you’re hungry again. Usually copious amounts of high sugar fruit juice or fizzy drink are consumed to dull the effects of the high content of salt. This process goes around in circles and you’re never totally satisfied.

On the other hand carefully selected fresh high protein, high fibre food is the fuel needed to stabilize our blood sugar levels and energize our bodies for everyday activities.  It leaves you feeling satisfied for longer and helps to fend of cravings.

Secondly with forward planning it doesn’t need to take long to prepare healthy meals. Regular shopping and familiarity with the correct foods can ease the thought process and food plans organized days or sometimes weeks in advance can lessen the so-called burden.

Thirdly regarding taste. Years ago my diet was nowhere near as good as what it is now. I’d indulge in the occasional fast food or eat a bag of crisps or packet of fruit tingles faster than anyone I know. When I made the conscious decision to cut them from my life, healthy food actually started to taste better, I required less food to satisfy my needs and now anything sweet or fatty plays havoc on my digestive system.

A good friend told me six months ago she would never give up eating chocolate. Guess what? She has given up and can now see and feel the results. Never say Never!

Basically our taste buds can adapt to whatever food we ingest. It can take sometime but the benefits are endless. Easing into the changes slowly for children is best whilst highlighting the goodness it’s providing them. Children are more adaptable than adults so this is best time to start the changes.

So to all parents to be or present, establish your good habits, stick to them and bestow them upon your children. They are our future and we need them to be fit and healthy for life. Also to the parents whom the offspring have left the nest, you can still influence through the way you live your life with your good habits well into your later years.

Every bit we do to make our lives better can also help the lives of the ones we love and care for.  That to me is the definition of Parenting.